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I believe that thanks to my therapeutic experiences and education, I have acquired a truly complex framework through which I perceive our life destinies. It is always a moving experience for me to look into the richness of our inner lives and to witness the inner journey of my clients to their essence, health and self-realization.


I am a psychiatrist and a certified psychotherapist. After university studies and specialization, I was looking for a deeper view of medical knowledge about our psyche. I felt that it was not enough to reduce mental problems to diagnoses and solve them with the help of drugs. That is why I started psychotherapeutic training in Gestalt therapy that views the human condition holistically, that is, as a whole – without dividing into body and soul. Gestalt approach invites the client to be a partner in the process of therapy (“I am me and you are you”) – the client is an expert on himself and I, as a therapist, can accompany him on the way to him/her inner self, but I am in no way superior to him/her. Each of us has a natural and healthy regulation within us, we just sometimes need to restore contact with it through therapy. This is the basic premise of my thinking about therapeutic work.

  • Psychiatrist with psychotherapeutic training.
  • Completed medical studies in the field of adult psychiatry in Bratislava at the Slovak medical university.
  • Completed 5-year psychotherapy training in Gestalt psychotherapy, at the Institute for Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy (IVGT) in Prague.
  • Completed a 1,5-year training in Body Psychotherapy under the guidance of Eli Weidenfeld, senior trainer of the European School of Biodynamic Psychology and Body-Centered Psychotherapy (ESBPE), who specializes in verbal and non-verbal therapeutic methods.
  • Specializes in working with psychotrauma – she is a graduate of EMDR training at the Slovak Institute for Psychotraumatology and Gear Box training at the Czech Institute for Psychotraumatology and EMDR.
  • Works primarily with individual clients. She has experience in leading psychotherapeutic and psychoeducational groups with a focus on coping with the experience of a mental disorder, as well as many years of psychiatric practice in an acute psychiatric ward and in a day psychiatric hospital.
  • Trained in various relaxation and stabilization techniques, as well as other non-pharmacological approaches, the effectiveness of which is comparable to pharmacotherapy.
  • Works with an emphasis on a comprehensive approach to physical and mental problems in the sense of a therapeutic connection between the physical, emotional, rational and social levels of the client’s functioning. She deals with a wide range of psychosomatic problems, anxiety and depression, personal and relationship problems. She perceives every life crisis as a challenge to grow and as an invite to take care about ourselves better.
  • In Krásna 29 she offers consultations for individual clients. It is not health care in the sense of Act 578/2004 Coll.
  • Cooperates with the Psyche Educa clinic as a psychiatrist.
  • Cooperates with the organization “Chuť žít”, which deals with the issue of eating disorders and creates interdisciplinary care and education about it. At Chuť žít, she runs a support group for clients with eating disorders. She is a member of its board of directors.
  • As an external expert, collaborates with the organization GrowMe, which raises awareness about mental health and personal growth in companies and organizations.
  • Also works with the Mental Health League on mental health prevention and awareness and is a member of its supervisory board.
  • A member of the Slovak Medical Chamber (SLK), the Slovak Psychiatric Association (SPS) and the Slovak Association for Gestalt Therapy (SAGT).
  • Works in Slovak, Polish and English.

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