Doe Zantamata


We are professionals in the helping professions, friends, and we bring you comprehensive mental health care services under one roof. We have fulfilled our dream of a shared therapeutic space in a beautiful environment where we help clients to know and understand themselves and to enrich their lives.


The specificity of our coaching is the psychodynamic approach, which allows us to explore unconscious patterns that prevent clients from progressing. This is because our goal is not only to help clients achieve their desired state, but also to help clients feel authentic and better understand themselves in their new life change.


One of the services we specialise in is child psychology. We cover a wide range of areas including psychodiagnosis of developmental disorders, school maturity testing, child psychotherapy as well as parenting skills support. In this cotext we work with both child and adult clients.


Psychotherapists from “Krásna” also have a specialization in trauma psychotherapy. In psychology, by “trauma” we do not mean the event that took place. We mean the subsequent reaction of a person in which he or she does not have the means or competence to process and integrate the traumatic experience into his or her life, which prevents him or her from leading a fulfilling life. Our intention is to enable clients to regain wholeness and peace in their inner space.


We are dedicated to bringing psychology to our clients in a clear and accessible way, making sure that the theories we work with are based on relevant research. Our mission is to bring psychology to as wide a range of people as possible and to spread awareness of how to communicate to others, as well as to ourselves, in a way that is supportive and understanding.

Silvia Gallová, MCC

Via institute exist to support you on the journey towards wholeness & autonomy. We do it by coaching individuals and organizations and by supervising and mentoring fellow professional coaches. We also educate professionals in coaching, mentoring and supervision so that they can support their clients on their journey towards autonomy.

Lenka Uherová

I have been very interested in people since I was little, and the more I learn about them, the more they fascinate me. What they feel, why they feel it, how they behave and why they behave that way, what they need for themselves and how they achieve it, why they don’t achieve it… I help my clients to find the same curiosity, desire and courage to learn as much as possible about themselves. I like to guide them on this journey because I believe that a person can get find everything they need for themselves inside of their selves, and my task is to do as much as possible so that they can explore and obtain these resources and abilities. And not only with the goal to understand and become an expert on themselves, decode their ” personal users manual” correctly. But at the same time, so that they are able to create satisfied and fulfilling relationships with the people in their lives, with the world they live in, with their work, with their interests and above all, to cultivate the most important relationship we have in life – relationship to oneself.

Magdalena Frecer

I am a psychiatrist and a certified psychotherapist. After university studies and specialization, I was looking for a deeper view of medical knowledge about our psyche. I felt that it was not enough to reduce mental problems to diagnoses and solve them with the help of drugs. That is why I started psychotherapeutic training in Gestalt therapy that views the human condition holistically, that is, as a whole – without dividing into body and soul. Gestalt approach invites the client to be a partner in the process of therapy (“I am me and you are you”) – the client is an expert on himself and I, as a therapist, can accompany him on the way to him/her inner self, but I am in no way superior to him/her. Each of us has a natural and healthy regulation within us, we just sometimes need to restore contact with it through therapy. This is the basic premise of my thinking about therapeutic work.

Mária Balážová

I studied single-discipline psychology at the “Košice” department of the University of Prešov. I finished my studies in 2006. Since the beginning of my professional career I have been working mainly with children. I worked with children with developmental intellectual disorders in a special school, then for several years as a researcher at VÚDPaP, Bratislava, where I was mainly involved in research on the use of the Internet and children with giftedness. After starting my psychotherapeutic training, I joined the Clinical Psychology Outpatient Clinic Viapsychologica in Pezinok. I completed a 5-year training at the Slovak Institute for Gestalt Psychotherapy – Dialóg in 2013-2018. At the same time I have attended other workshops and trainings in therapeutic and psychodiagnostic methods (with Jay Levine, Felicia Carrol, Jan Roubal, Talia Bar-Joseph Levine, sandplay workshop, etc.). During the 2020/21 pandemic, I attended an international online programme of the Italian Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy (Instituto di Gestalt Italy) on coping with the effects of the pandemic. Since 2017 I am enrolled in a specialisation in clinical psychology. I work as a school psychologist at LEAF Academy, an international high school, and in private practice.

Ivan Pavlovič

I am a clinical psychologist and certified psychotherapist by profession. I have been interested in cultivating self-exploration already at my secondary school. More than thirty years of practicing martial arts and later yoga have also brought me various body and meditative experiences. Even before studying psychology, I was open to various alternative methods and ways of getting in touch with my deep being. Mainstream psychotherapies then gave my experiences better structure, understanding and verbalization. I see my psychodynamic training as a foundation to which I have gradually added other “psychotherapeutic extensions”. Education in the Process-oriented psychology has helped me to get more in touch with my life and body processes. Seminars in the psychotherapeutic model of Virginia Satir and a training in The Systemic Constellations supported my understanding in the family and systemic-lineage processes. EMDR training and mindfulness (vipassana seminars) have brought me understanding and the ability to be more in touch with what my body and psyche are manifesting.